Snacks à Barcelone

One of the many charms of the city of Barcelona is the wide variety of bars and patisseries that can be found. This, sometimes, means that we do not know which of all to choose to spend a quiet afternoon having a snack, or even to go to breakfast. Here I will recommend a few places in which I had a good experience.


Ice cream « Sante gelato by Renzo Paniccia »


This ice cream parlor is located on Calle Rosellón, 287. Apart from serving a great variety of ice creams of innumerable flavors, all of them delicious, they also offer cakes, smoothies, sorbets, infusions and coffees, among others. That is why it is perfect to visit both in summer and winter. It should be noted that it is handmade, and I think that is what makes it different from other ice cream parlors. In my opinion, visiting this place is a very good option, both to eat in the beautiful seats inside or on the terrace and to order it to take away and take advantage of a walk around the area. Something that I found very original and attractive are the many mixes of ice cream flavors that you can make, completely customized to your liking. The price quality is amazing.


Cafetería « Nabucco Tiramisu »


In the Gracia neighborhood there are many cafes and bars, and although they are all a good option to spend a quiet afternoon having a snack, I recommend this beautiful cafeteria. They serve a wide variety of pastries and cakes, as well as delicious fruit dishes. The atmosphere is very cozy and rustic, ideal for breakfast. The coffees are especially good, and you cannot miss their characteristic tiramisu. This place is located in the square of Vila de Gracia, 8. This square accompanies the cozy and familiar atmosphere of the place, which allows you to enjoy the experience even more.


Pastelería « La Besnéta »


This vegan pastry shop is also located in the Gracia neighborhood, on Calle Torrijos, 37. Whenever I have been, I have only asked for the chocolate cupcake, because they make them delicious, but all their sweets look very good. The people with whom I have gone to have a snack there assure that their biscuits and cakes are also delicious. The style of the pastry shop is very attractive, it catches your attention just by looking at it, and the pastries that are displayed in the shop windows are crying out for you to come in to discover what delicacies await you inside. Despite not having much space to eat inside, the Gracia neighborhood has numerous squares and interesting places that you can visit while enjoying your magnificent snack.