Panoramic views in Barcelona.


Strolling through the characteristic streets of Barcelona, full of life and charm, is an essential activity to get to know the city and enjoy it during your visit. But there are also places, somewhat far from the heart of Barcelona, quiet and without a large crowd around, to enjoy unforgettable panoramic views. In this post I am going to present the most outstanding and incredible viewpoints to admire the big city from a more scenic and less urban point of view.


It is the most impressive viewpoint of Barcelona par excellence. To access it, you can use the funicular, located near the San Gervasio neighborhood, on Bonaventura Roig street. Once there, you can visit the famous Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, an impressive Romanesque-style church both inside and out. It also has an amusement park, in which it is recommended to get on its ferris wheel, among many other attractions, to enjoy impressive views of the big city. Between the funicular and the amusement park there is a viewpoint called the Fabra Observatory, located on a hill, where you can enjoy a meal on its impressive terraces and admire its famous telescope.


Another recommended place if you want to enjoy a dreamy sunset is the Carmel bunkers. They are located between the Carmel and Guinardó neighbourhoods, on top of a hill. Previously, contrary to what its name indicates, there was an anti-aircraft battery, in the Spanish Civil War, although now only a few remains are preserved, since later it was, for a time, one of the last barracks neighborhoods from the city. Its views are totally worth it, despite not being in a central and touristic place. In addition, they have elevators that take you to the last section of the route.


If you love the sea and want to live a unique and private experience, you can rent a sailing trip along Barceloneta beach. There are a large number of offers, and you can search and book the one that best suits your tastes. Also, if you don’t have the necessary budget, you can buy a ticket to get on the famous “swallows”, tourist boats that go around the city’s beaches and port. If you arrive at the right time, you can enjoy incredible views of the sunset at sea, and you will enjoy a magical and unforgettable moment.


A place close to the center of Barcelona is this cable car, located in the port of the city or in Montjuïc. It has two access points; the Miramar station (in Montjuïc) and the San Sebastián Tower (in Barceloneta). During this journey you will enjoy wonderful views of both the city and the sea. My recommendation is to start at the Torre de San Sebastián and end the route at the Miramar station, since, in addition to the first place being much more accessible, Montjuïc also has a beautiful viewpoint from which you can enjoy views wonderful panoramic views of the city. In addition, it has the Miramar Terrace Restaurant, where you can end the day with a wonderful dinner with views of Barcelona.


The National Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the attractions of the city of Barcelona. Its large collection of works of art is one of the most important in the country. But, in addition to soaking up culture by visiting its interior, you can also enjoy the fantastic views that its terraces offer. You can contemplate the incredible views of the city from the terraces that are in the museum itself, at the top, or even at its entrance you can take dream photos, since it is located on top of a hill.


Located on the Montjuïc road, near Montjuïc Castle, it is known for its exceptional views of Barcelona, but it is also characterized by a curious mosaic that is present on almost all the ground in the area. In addition, it has many grassy areas and pine forests, which help create a calm and natural environment. It has parks of different levels, all of them incredibly beautiful where you can enjoy a pleasant afternoon.