Modernism in Barcelona.

One of the most influential artistic currents in the city of Barcelona is Modernism. It is an artistic current created at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th that tries to break with the other styles of the time. It was very important throughout Catalonia, but especially in the capital of the autonomous community. One of the most famous buildings that represents this artistic movement is La Pedrera or Casa Batlló.

In this post some other modernist buildings in Barcelona will be named that you cannot miss if you have the opportunity to visit them.


This restaurant located on Carrer de Montsió, near Plaza de Cataluña, is known for being one of the most important places of modernism in Barcelona, since great artists representing the cultural movement frequented the premises. It was inaugurated for the first time in 1896, and still retains its decoration. The special thing about visiting this place is the atmosphere that the whole place has. The feeling that you have traveled back a century and that you are a modernist artist looking for inspiration is assured. Also, the food is excellent, as is its location.


This splendid building is located in the Parque de la Ciudadela, and was inaugurated in 1888 for the famous Universal Exhibition of Barcelona that same year. Its modernist style can be seen in every detail of its exterior, but what is most often appreciated is its beautiful façade. At that time it was a cafeteria, but today it is a Museum of Natural Sciences, and has a library, a laboratory and even research rooms. The Castle of the Three Dragons is a very good option to visit both outside and inside. In addition, as it is located next to the Ciudadela park, you can take a pleasant walk after visiting the modernist work.


This small castle located on Avenida Diagonal aims to imitate medieval castles using the modernist style of the time. It has six towers finished in a pointed way, hence the origin of its name, since “punxes” in Catalan means “skewers”. It was inaugurated in 1905, and currently you can also visit the interior, which is recommended given how fascinating it is, although just appreciating the exterior, it is totally worth taking the opportunity to get closer.


The museum that represents the artistic trend in Barcelona, which has some 350 works, is located on Balmes street. It is a very good place to start the modernist route through Barcelona, since it shows exactly what this artistic trend is about. It has both paintings and sculptures and models, all of them impressive. Its location is perfect, as it is in the heart of the Eixample district, near La Pedrera and Plaza de Catalunya.


This luxurious hotel is located near Las Ramblas and the Boqueria Market, places full of shops and very interesting to visit. It was built in 1859 and although there are currently parts of the building that have been renovated or rebuilt, the hall still retains its modernist style, with beautiful details on the walls and ceiling. Even if you are not staying in this wonderful hotel, you can still visit it, and even have a lovely dinner surrounded by details of this characteristic style.


It is a majestic building located on Muntaner street, in the Eixample district. His style is somewhat particular; In addition to mixing several currents (since, when it was inaugurated in 1929, the tendency to mix various artistic currents was very present), it is reminiscent of Asian culture, but maintains the modernist details that we are talking about in this post. The most striking thing, apart from its Asian style, is the mix of colors that the building has. It is a very good option to visit and discover a slightly more current modernism, mixed in different styles.



Despite not being located in a central location like the other places, this hospital has a large area full of stained glass windows and fully modernist facades. The services offered include the possibility of guided tours in which each available mosaic, stained glass window or garden is shown and explained in detail, narrating, in addition, the history of this hospital that is still in use today. In addition, it is close to Avenida Gaudí, a place where shops, bars and restaurants abound, and of course the Sagrada Familia, the highest representative of modernism in Barcelona.