Vermouth time in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city of sun and good life.
So it is not surprising that one of the traditions par excellence is the vermouth hour, that is, the custom of having an aperitif before eating.
Some people prefer to drink wine or beer, but the liquor known as vermouth (a wine flavored with herbs invented by the Italian distillers Antonio and Benedito Carpano) gives its name to that hour before lunch in which we take a small bite and a drink to open the mouth.


In Barcelona there are many wineries and vermuterías where you can celebrate this wonderful moment.
Some elaborate their own vermouth and others will serve you some of local brand, among which stand out those elaborated in the distilleries of Reus, in Tarragona.
Here we recommend some of these places, either because we like the uniqueness of the place, either for the quality of their own vermouth or for the years of history they accumulate.

It is inevitable to start with El Xampanyet (Montcada, 22), a historic restaurant located in the Born district of Barcelona. They serve cava and vermouth.
The atmosphere when you enter is thick and sweet, and gives real hunger, which is satiated with sandwiches and tapas of pickles.
The decor is classic and authentic, a must for anyone visiting the city.




Another temple dedicated to this liqueur is the Quimet winery in the neighborhood of Gràcia (Vic, 23). This place frequented by tourists and locals, is simply wonderful.
The barrels located on the bar serve to make a master in varieties of vermouth, difficult to choose.
And again that sweet smell that whets the appetite.


Quimet Barrel


If you are staying with us, we have a nearby option for you.
In the L’Illa Diagonal shopping center, a 20 minute walk from Blanc Guest House, you will find one of the Morro Fi bars, one of the best vermouths in Barcelona according to us. They have other locations scattered around the city, so you may run into them again while you’re out and about.
It’s worth a stop.




We continue with one of our favorites in Barcelona, the revered El Vaso de Oro, in the maritime neighborhood of Barceloneta (Balboa, 6). When we open the door of this place we find ourselves directly at the bar, and that’s all there is to it.
It is a very narrow place, with a very lively and animated staff that prepares a Russian salad worthy of an altar.

The Golden Glass



A combination of classic local and good vermouth is the Cala del Vermut (Magdalenes, 6) in the Gothic Quarter. We highlight the ambiance and decoration of this place. It is a truly unique space that offers a good selection of preserves and a very good ham, as well as those cheeses that are kept bathed in oil. No complications, and everything excellent.



Another option is La Vermu ( Sant Domènec, 15) also in the Gracia district. Although it is always very crowded, there is a high turnover of customers, so if you wait a moment, it is almost certain that the agile staff will get you a little corner. A bustling locale in a neighborhood with a lot of Sunday activity.


There are also cocktail bars that open during the day, such as the well-known Tirsa Bcn (Mallorca, 25). The vermouth at this place is spectacular, the tapas are delicious, and they also prepare some more sophisticated combinations, making vermouth-based cocktails that are to be repeated.



Another place that is using vermouth as a cocktail base, and with great success, is V de Vermut in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni (Manso, 1). They make vermouths with tonic and other surprising combinations. The design of the restaurant is contemporary and evokes the old theater on which it sits. We like the bar and the half rogue and cosmopolitan atmosphere.


Another bar where they serve vermouth and stratospheric food is the vermutería Loú (Escorial, 3) in Gracia. The architect and muse of this place is Mrs. Lourdes, a very close person who cooks wonderfully. We could recommend the ham with fried eggs and foie gras, but you’d better experience the menu on your own, it’s impossible to be disappointed. It is undergoing renovations, but will reopen in March 2023.

We finish this vermouth route with another classic. In the Bodegueta de Ca’l Pep in the Sants area (Canalejas, 12) it seems that time has not passed since it opened in 1927. This place now has new owners who have preserved the essence of the previous owner, Ángel, who passed away recently. Barrels, old refrigerators, good vermouth and finger-licking salted shrimp.


We have only highlighted a few, but you have many more options in Barcelona, ask us and we will give you more ideas. As we said at the beginning, vermouth time is inexcusable in the local culture, so there is no shortage of places where you can enjoy this liquor, accompanied by a tapa or dish. If you find the drink too intense, all the restaurants have a siphon to reduce the taste a little. Dry or sweet, tap or bottled, with or without siphon, there is nothing like enjoying a sunny morning with a vermouth after a walk in the city.