Sustainable tourism.

Today we want to share our vision about an issue that affects us as owners of Blanc Guest House and, above all, as inhabitants of this planet. We talk about sustainable tourism.

In Barcelona alone, the city where the Blanc Guest House is located, there are an average of 9 million tourists a year, being one of the 20 cities that hosts the most international visits. This is a figure that leaves no doubt about the impact that tourism generates for the city at all levels.

Honestly, we feel that today there is only one answer to this challenge and that is total commitment to complying with responsible tourism criteria. And that is something that concerns everyone, hoteliers and tourists.

In our case, we are working according to the criteria of the Biosphere sustainable certification, and here we explain what are the commitments that we have adopted and those that we expect our dear guests to adopt. Taking care of our resources is a collective duty and this is the deal we propose so that we continue to enjoy the wonders of this planet together.


What do we do?

As hoteliers we work based on values that aim at your well-being and the balance of our environmental and social environment. This is what we do to be a responsible host :

Guarantee safety , establishing action measures and protocols to avoid risk situations. In addition, we check the origin of our products to avoid any health problem.

Consume local products and services , with this we promote local entrepreneurship and proximity products.

Incorporate technological innovation to improve your experience, such as new locks with access codes that replace traditional keys.

Minimize the impact of our activity, making intelligent use of resources.

Promote sustainability , collaborating in the sustainable management of our community and its infrastructures (buildings, transport, housing, public spaces).

Protect ecosystems , offering you only products, services and experiences that guarantee the sustainable exploitation of local resources.

Promote training , encouraging knowledge, learning and awareness among the hostel staff.

Share culture , making you part of the traditions and customs rooted in the city of Barcelona, promoting exchange and respect for other cultures.

Respect diversity , favoring the elimination of barriers that limit the integration of people for reasons of gender, origin, religion, sexual orientation, economic situation or other condition.

Promote fair work , guaranteeing that the working conditions of our employees are worthy.

Inform you with transparency , offering you true and continuous information about what you need while you are staying with us.

Exchange experiences, promoting and giving voice to actions that make our activity more sustainable.


What can you do?

Tourism is always an exciting experience, but it is inevitable to leave a certain mark on the places we visit. We are increasingly aware of the impact we have on the environment, and the importance of maintaining the balance of our environment, also when we travel and stay in a guest house.

To minimize this impact, in all the rooms of the Blanc Guest House you will find a list with fun illustrations about the eco-challenges that we propose to you to be a responsible guest. This is the commitment we ask of you:


  • Turn off the lights when leaving the room.


  • Turn off the air conditioning when you leave.


  • Avoid wasting food.


  • Don’t waste water in the bathroom.


  • Recycle towels whenever possible.


  • Recycle waste and reuse when possible.


  • Consume proximity products and local services.


  • Use public transport to visit the city.


  • Inspire others to join the commitment.


In addition, from Biosphere they also make us a series of recommendations to have a responsible attitude when we travel to other destinations. We are talking about preserving the environmental balance of the place, but also about understanding and respecting the socio-cultural context of the people who inhabit that place.

The first recommendation, plan our trip , being aware of the risks that may exist in the area and taking the appropriate precautions. We are also interested in learning new customs , having a tolerant and respectful attitude towards local traditions and cultures. Likewise, we must commit ourselves to the protection of local ecosystems , contributing to the conservation, protection and regeneration of the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems of the destination. It is also necessary to respect the diversity of the place we visit, avoiding discriminatory behavior towards any group, as well as favoring the sustainability of the heritage , respecting the accesses and infrastructures of the destination. In the same way, we must promote R&D&i in the area, prioritizing products, services or experiences that incorporate new technologies and innovative methods.

that contribute to the sustainability of the destination. It is important that we are informed about whether the products and services we consume are carried out under fair working conditions for the local population.


And this would be our deal. Not a bad proposal right? Actually, it is not difficult at all to comply if we already have these habits within our own home. But perhaps the most important task is to convey to young people that the world is a place of finite resources and that every gesture counts, also when we do tourism.

We are now partners in this commitment, so we hope to see you very soon at the Blanc Guest House.